Who We Are

Meet Performance Immigration Canada

Performance Immigration Canada is a consultant company in immigration accredited by the Canadian Government under the ICCRC #R408799 that provides Immigration services to Canada through various programs.

Performance Immigration Canada also specializes in educational services for international students in Canada, Europe, the United States, in Australia, etc. Our company helps clients to enroll in study programs in various educational institutions and obtain all required visas and study permit.

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Performance Immigration was created in 2011 with the aim to meet the needs of many citizens who had the desire to immigrate to Canada.
Today we display Excellent results above average.

Its headquarters is located in Toronto, Ontario. The company also has offices in Montreal, Quebec, and several branches in Africa, particularly in Cameroon: Yaoundé and Douala, and in Morocco. Performance Immigration will open new offices in France, Gabon and Senegal, in the nearest future, in order to open up to the world and to provide opportunities to our customers.

What we do

Our company specializes in the two main fields – immigration and education, and we thrive to provide quality service to all our clients and to offer tailored solutions in every case.

Performance Immigration Canada operates in two main areas:

  • Registration of International students for study programs;
  • Immigration to Canada: Express Entry, Entrepreneurs and foreign investors.

We get involve and support you throughout the immigration process until the moment you settle in Canada.

Performance Immigration Canada will direct you to the best universities, schools and accommodations in Canada. We will make your travel experience exciting and pleasant!

Mrs. Brigitte Chatué Tchatat, ICCRC #R408799

Council Regulation Consultants Immigration

Meet Mrs. Brigitte Chatué Tchatat

The founder of the company, Mrs. Brigitte Chatué Tchatat is a licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). She is also a member of the Register of Quebec consultants and Commissioner for Oaths.

Joel Kemgni Clovis

Branch Director of Performance Immigration Canada in Cameroon

(237) 654-172-080


Joel Kemgni Clovis

Graduate from E.S.S.E.C of Douala in Management Sciences.
He is the link between the strategic vision set by the Executive Committee and the implementation at the operational level.
Young, integrated and dynamic, he is a follower of the persuasive and participatory management based on the result. The federation of working teams toward a defined goal is his single guideline.

Bito Laure Patience

Sales Manager at Performance Immigration Canada

(237) 656-118-168


Bito Laure Patience

Shining, dynamic, enterprising she is a graduate, letters and human sciences, coordinating and organizing all the business activities of Performance Immigration Canada and equally plays the role of customer advisor.


Ejuande Emmanuel Wonomu

PhD researcher at the Department of Geography, Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences (FLSS), University of Douala-Cameroon

Administrative Officer / English Language Teacher at Performance Immigration Canada

(237) 690-647-911


Ejuande Emmanuel Wonomu

Dynamic, integrated, bilingual and orderly; He plays the role of administrative officer at PIC. He is solicited to bringing in his expertise to PEC. Always seeking for solution to the problems of the society in general.

Mr. Oluwafemi Alo-Maja

a versatile and erudite businessman with high pedigree.

Mr. Oluwafemi Alo-Maja

Since 2017, he ha been a Sales Representative for JobDepot Canada Inc. as well as a Director and Human Resources Manager of Bilingual Jobs Inc. Canada. The above Companies are Job Recruitment Agencies.

His penchant for perfection can not be overlooked because of his knack for success in whatever he sets his mind upon.

His motivational ability to get things done on his own and in a team effort and the spirit of dedication and result oriented with calm attitude makes him a goal better.

He is a graduate of Law Study and majored in Legal Secretariat, A Certificate holder in IT Maintenance from Limerick University, Ireland. He also holds a Certificate in Tourism and Air Host (Cabin Crew) as well as a Certificate in Airport Security.

Mr. Maja as he is fondly called is multi-talented. A Fashion Designer and Fashion Buyer with many years of experience.

He is the founder and Director of The Majas Group of Companies. An organization that broker funding between project owners and Financial Institutes world-wide.

He was the Director of Fumaja Securities Limited (UK), He is a representative of Performance Immigration Canada In Nigeria.

He is also a Pastor, a Teacher and a Counselor.

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