A shortage of skills is no longer possible thanks to our customer base. Today, in many parts of Canada, the labour market is experiencing shortages in some areas of activity.

Newcomers to Canada offer a large pool of skilled specialists who are already trained and ready for the most part to settle in the region where a job is waiting for them.

With our network of offices in several countries, we have thousands of applicants already in the process of settling in Canada. All are graduate and with work experience as required by the selection regulations in effect.

Why not fill your skill shortages by selecting them before they arrive and so before your job offer competes with all other employers looking for the same profiles?

Our candidates work in all fields: health, welding, cabinetmaking, science, catering, accounting, administration, engineering, banking, insurance, civil engineering etc.

Contact us to tell us what specialists you need and we will provide you with the CVs of corresponding candidates.

This service is free of charge for both employers and clients. We know that successful immigration for our clients goes through a job and that a strong Canada goes through a labour market without shortage.

This connection is, therefore, our modest contribution to these two parts that are so important to us.

Management of Performance Immigration Canada