Quebec is the only solely French-speaking province of Canada. In order to preserve a distinctive culture of Quebec as well as its French language, the Federal government of Canada granted the government of Quebec to manage its immigration policy.

After the adoption of a new Quebec Immigration Act on August 2, 2018, the provincial government has implemented a new immigration application management system – Arrima. This online system is based on an expression of interest. It serves to manage the applications for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

Recent changes

In September 2018, when the Arrima portal was launched, the previous “first-come, first-served” application process for the QSWP was substituted with a new approach – the Expression of Interest (EOI) system. This new application assessment allows the Government of Quebec to reduce application processing times and issue invitations to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate on a more regular basis, and therefore it makes the immigration to Quebec more efficient.


EOI is open to anyone, who is at least 18 years of age and willing to immigrate to Quebec through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Each candidate is evaluated based on certain factors and given a certain amount of points per each. Though, these criteria are tailored specifically to satisfy a labour market needs in the different regions of Quebec.

Selection Factors

  • Training factor (26 points maximum). Consist of two criteria:
    • Education Level (14 points maximum);
    • Areas of training (12 points maximum)
  • Work experience factor (8 points maximum);
  • Age factor (16 points maximum);
  • Language proficiency factor (26 points maximum). Also, consist of two criteria:
    • French (16 points maximum);
    • English (6 points maximum);
  • Stay and Family in Quebec factor (8 points maximum);
  • Valid job offer factor (14 points maximum);
  • Presence of accompanying children factor (8 points maximum);

A passing score for an applicant without a spouse or common-law partner is the minimum of 50 points, and for an applicant with a spouse or common-law partner is at least 59 points.

Application process

QSWP candidates will need to follow certain steps through Arrima application process:

  • create an online account at the Arrima portal;
  • complete and submit the expression of interest (EOI) within 90 days on account creation;
  • once created, EOI remains valid for a year and candidates can update their profile during the length of period (for example, add a new score for completing a second language test);

What happens next?

In the case of a positive decision (receipt of an invitation to apply), successful applicants will have 90 days to submit a complete application for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). And hopefully, after a certain period of processing time, a foreign worker will able to come to Canada.

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