Canadian Experience Class

The most valuable immigrants whose chances to adapt to life in Canada and whose chances to succeed in the Canadian labour market are those foreigners who already gained some Canadian Experience. To attract such immigrants and to make the immigration path for them easier, the Federal government designed the Canadian Experience Class Program (CEC)

What is CEC?

The Canadian Experience Class Program is also processed via the Express Entry system along with the Federal Skilled Trades Program and Federal Skilled Workers Program. There are fewer requirements for CEC and it is not as complex as two other Federal programs.

Benefits of the CEC Program

Candidates assessed under CEC do not need to prove financial funds. It is also a very popular choice for international students successfully graduated from academic programs in Canadian post-secondary institutions and foreign workers who worked for Canadian employer at least one year. Candidates for the CEC program can be assessed even if they currently reside outside Canada if they meet all eligibility criteria.

 Canadian Work Experience

The most important eligibility criterion is Canadian Work Experience. The applicant must have the minimum of one year of experience as a professional, skilled or technical worker in Canada (not including Quebec) within the 36 months preceding the application. The more years of experience you have – the more points you get in your Express Entry profile. The maximum possible point you can get if you have five years of Canadian experience. The points are different for single candidates and those who have a spouse.

Single Married/Common Law

1 year

40 35

2 years



3 years



4 years 72


5+ years 80


Knowledge of the official languages

The language requirements for CEC are similar to the other Federal programs. Candidates must reach the Canadian League Benchmark (CLB) of 5 (initial intermediate) if they work in trade occupation or CLB 7 (adequate intermediate proficiency) if they work in a skilled job to be eligible for the program.

If you have already gained a one-year of skilled work experience in Canada, you meet the basic requirement of the program. CEC allows you to become a Canadian permanent resident in only a few months!

To apply for permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class Program, contact Performance Immigration! Begin your application today!