Federal Skilled Trades

The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST) is an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) express entry program for skilled tradespeople. It allows them the ability to enter and gain permanent residency more quickly. However, they must have sufficient language skills, at least two years of recent experience in the field and other training requirements if needed, along with a job offer before applying. Some sectors that are included in this program include manufacturing, industrial work, construction and electrical workers and supervisors, natural resources and agricultural sectors, along with some more minor trades such as bakers, butchers and chefs.

The FST Program is processed by the Federal selection system Express Entry. This program enables trade specialists to get a Canadian permanent residency. The FST helps Canadian employers to find employees in certain industries where there are jobs available and a need to fill those positions. There are a limited number of applicants allowed (likely based on the number of jobs open per sector), but the minimum requirements or overall comprehensive ranking scores (CRS) are lower. There are also Provincial Nominee Programs with specific streams dedicated to skilled trades workers.


Candidates must meet several criteria to eligible for FST. They must score the language requirement in either English or French. They also must show 2 years of work experience in their skilled trade in the last 5 years. Some trades also require additional requirements for the specific trade in accordance with National Occupational Classification, such as a certificate of qualification.


Valid trade sectors are very specific. Some of the trades include

  • industrial, electrical, & construction (group 72)
  • maintenance & equipment operation (group 73)
  • supervisors & technical jobs in natural resources, agriculture & related production (both supervisory and technical jobs for this field) which is group 82
  • supervisors and central control officers for processing, manufacturing and utility trades of group 92.
  • chefs and cooks (minor group, 632)
  • butchers & bakers (minor group 633)

Requirements and Restrictions

  • the FST does not include jobs in the province of Quebec
  • must have at least two years experience in the field (within five years from their application).
  • must have a valid one year offer from an employer
  • must meet the national qualifications (set out by
  • must meet language requirements (English or French)

If you work in a trade occupation which is in demand in Canada and can meet the minimal language criteria, you have a good of being accepted into the Federal Skilled Trades Program. Performance Immigration will help you to start a new career and a better life in Canada.