Performance Education Center: Canadian Institute Of Cameroon

The first innovative Canadian college in Cameroon opens its doors this September 2019 in partnership with Canadian Independent College and Canada College of Montreal!

From September 2019 academic year, students from form 1 to upper sixth can study in our prestigious institute to obtain a Canadian Advance Level Certificate (High school diploma deliver by the Ministry of Ontario-Canada) This Certificate can be obtained just one year after the Ordinary Level. This diploma gives you the status of a Canadian student and serves as a pathway for a scholarship to renowned universities in the world at large.

In addition, to facilitate immigration to Canada through the Quebec Skill Worker program, We offer professional courses which permits the student to obtain a college certificate (Attestation of Collegial studies of Quebec) which will be offered by the Canada College in Montreal in the following domains : Computer (Database Administration), Management (Business Administration) and Early Childhood Education. Courses of 12 to 14 months can be taken partially in Douala and finalize from Montreal campus qualifying the students for Canadian Permanent Resident. /


L’antenne CRTV, 10eme Avenue.

Contact: 697-137-348 / 679-870-678/ 651-410-221